The LampTrack

LED Tail Light

Doubling as a working bike LED tail light, the LampTrack is a covert tracking device that is disguised as a bicycle tail light.
The LED lamp will light up automatically


Vibration Armed

You arm the LampTrack by holding the on/off button down for 3 seconds. Should the bicycle then detect movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you. It will then automatically start uploading its position. You can then logon and track your bike

Long Life Battery

The LampTrack contains a large capicity 4400mAH industrial grade rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a 5m USB charging cable and charger.
The battery standby time is up to 2 months between charges depending on your required location updates per day.
The LampTrack is equipped with an automatic "Low Battery" detection and will alert you via sms when the battery power drops to 20%
The LampTrack requires a SIM card (supplied - SA customers only) don’t panic it will not cost a “premium”. The LampTrack uses GPRS and only uses a small amount of data to allow internet uploads. Since it will use very little credit "pay-as-you-go" is the most cost effective way to go :- just top it up occasionally

Highly Accurate

The LampTrack has a built in sensitive GPS module that is accurate upto 10 meters.
Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS fix.Then the LampTrack will use GSM positioning. This is less accurate but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a GPS fix.

Key Features

Covert GPS bicycle tracker disguised as a functioning LED tail light
Easy to install, Fits all bicycles, Works Worldwide
Weather proof, Dust proof and Shockproof
Long Life Battery
Vibration Sensor

Inexpensive To Operate