The StemTrack

Covert Installation

On appearance, a bike fitted with StemTrack looks no different to any other bicycle.The StemTrack is specifically designed to be installed within an integral part of the bicycle making it very well hidden and extremely difficult to remove, once fitted, the StemTrack virtually becomes a permanent part of the bike.


Vibration Armed

Working in a similar fashion to the LampTrack, once movement is detected by the vibration sensor, the unit subsequently sends an SMS message notifying its owner whilst simultaneously activating the tracking device concealed within the unit.

Long Life Battery

The StemTrack kit comes with two 700mAH rechargeable lithium batteries and a dock charger so that you can keep 1 battery on charge and the other in the StemTrack.
The battery standby time is up to 30 days between charges depending on your required location updates.
The StemTrack requires a SIM card (supplied - SA customers only) don’t panic it will not cost a “premium”. The LampTrack uses GPRS and only uses a small amount of data to allow internet uploads. Since it will use very little credit "pay-as-you-go" is the most cost effective way to go :- just top it up occasionally

Highly Accurate

The StemTrack has a built in sensitive GPS module that is accurate upto 10 meters.
Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS fix.Then the StemTrack will use GSM positioning. This is less accurate but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a GPS fix.

Key Features

Covert GPS bicycle tracker
Easy to install, Works Worldwide
Weather proof, Dust proof and Shockproof
Light Weight only 70 Grams
Vibration Sensor

Inexpensive To Operate

IMPORTANT before you order the StemTrack

DIAMETER : 23.5mm
First check that the StemTrack will fit into your steerer tube.
1) Remove the cap from the end of the StemTrack so you just have the tube section
2) Remove the headset cap from your bicycle using an allen key
3) Check that the StemTrack will fit into the tube.