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Will the Trackers work in my country?

Our trackers work worldwide where there is a 2G GSM cellular network. Our trackers contain a quad-band GSM modem to enable it to work on any 2 G GSM network


How accurate is the tracker?

The Handle bar tracker, The Solar Lamp and Guardian Lamp have a built in sensitive GPS module that is accurate up to 10 meters. Should your bicycle be inside a building there is then a possibility that it may not be able to obtain a GPS fix, then the tracker will use GSM positioning. This is less accurate but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a GPS fix.

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Does it use a SIM card?

ALL GPS Trackers require a SIM card to be able to text the coordinates to another mobile phone or optionally if you want to enable live tracking via the internet or Mobile App, then your SIM will need data bundles to allow internet uploads, don’t panic it will not cost a “premium”. The Trackers use GPRS and only uses a very small amount of data (Approximately 50mb a month). The purchaser of the GPS Tracker is responsible for budgeting for set-up costs I.E. text messages from their tracking device to their chosen Guardian(s) mobile phone. The chosen Guardian(s) can now communicate with the tracker, via SMS Text messages or alternativily utilising the internet or Mobile App on their Smartphones, which ensures communications with the tracker are quick and extremely simple.


Are there set-up and ongoing cost involed?

Don’t panic it will not cost a “premium”. Our trackers use GPRS and only uses a small amount of data to allow internet uploads. Since it will use very little credit "pay-as-you-go" is the most cost effective way to go :- just top it up occasionally