Invisible, Hidden  flexible GPS  bike tracker

The hidden flexible GPS Tracker for bikes fits all handlebars, it is inserted into the inside of the handlebar tube making sure that the incredible locking mechanism can’t be tampered with. The Handlebar bike tracker can only be removed with the special supplied tool.


Live tracking

Realtime Live GPS Tracking

Handlebar bike tracker makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM to enable you to trace your bike if it is stolen.


The Hardware

The 185mm-long tracker is flexible which means it can pushed into your handlebar, fitting flush with the end just like a bar tape plug. Also included is a dummy bung to go into the other side of your handlebar so that both ends look the same – so as not to give away that it is a GPS BikeTracker.


Will the bike tracker fit on a mountain bike?

The bike tracker has been designed for all types of bikes including mountain bikes and will operate perfectly no matter how rough the terrain.

What is the weight and dimension of the bike tracker?

– Dimension: 185×17,8mm
– Weight: 64g

Do you have to remove the bike tracker to charge it? 

No you never need to remove the bike tracker once fitted

How long does the bike tracker take to charge? 

Charging time is 2.5 hours

Key Features

Highly Accurate

The Handlebar bike tracker has a built in sensitive GPS module that is accurate up to 10 meters. Using a mixture of GPS satellites for outdoor locations and a WIFI chipset to triangulate locations from WIFI routers to get a location indoors, and if your bike is in a position where there is no satellite or wi-fi it uses a GSM antenna which transmits a signal at a specified frequency.

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Hidden in handlebar

The invisible antitheft GPS Bicycle Tracker

Multi Platform Tracking

Android, iOS and PC tracking platforms

Alarm Notifications

After you have armed the tracker and the tracker then detects movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you.

5 Weeks Battery

The Handlebar bike tracker has more than 5 weeks battery life on a single charge when in passive mode.

IP67 Water Resistant

The Guardian Lamp Tracker is water resistant and will work 100% in the rain.

Limitless Tracking

Track your ride with no range limit thanks to GPS localization